Cubaneren – NOR 8620 The boat!

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Cubaneren – Wasa 55

After cruising with our boat for a year now we have realized that we may not have the most common type of boat. For that reason a presentation of her must be made!

Cubaneren is a Wasa 55. The model 55 is pretty misleading as she is 44 feet. The 55 number comes from upwind sail area, Mainsail + 100% jib that adds up to 55 square meters. Wasa 55 was designed by Leif Angermark in 1975, it is built approximately 70 boats and Cubaneren is most likely build number 62 built in 1982/83.

Vital measurements:

LOA: 44 feet (13,5 m)

Beam: 8 feet (2,5 m)

Draft: 6,5 feet (2 m)

Displacement: 13000 lbs (6250 kg)

When Karl Otto Bought the boat in 2010 it was not in optimum shape and a lot of work has been done. We can pretty much say that what is kept is the hull, deck and keel. A lot of the interior is kept but a lot of that is also rebuilt. The mast, a Selden aluminium fractional, was mounted in 2011. It is dimensioned to carry a mast head asymmetric but we have found that kills the rating in the conditions we normally sail in (ocean).

We have a (and have a taste at a lazy word – sailtype) self tacking furling jib! It is as all the sails on board from Elvstrom, produced in the unique EPEX technology and technora fiber is chosen. It has battens parallel to the forestay to allow furling + support a positive roach in the leech. This sail gives a lot of power also in relatively light wind.

The Mainsail is also an EPEX sail, technora and double taffeta. It has 2 reefs and when conditions are worse than that we use the trysail which is on it`s own track on the side.

We have met a challenge in our sail set up in the ORR rating system which is used in the Transpac. Our Code 0 is not allowed to be used, and that makes us to have to go straight from our self tacker to the A5. We also carry a S2 and a brand new S4 for the Transpac. One gennaker / asymmetric spinnaker + 2 symmetric spinnakers said in more normal words.

We use our heavy weather jib also as staysail when sailing with spinnaker.

Cubaneren is fully equipped for cruising, as that is what we are doing most of the time. We have a watermaker that produce 25 l/h, in the galley we have a cooler at around 90 l, oven and stove with two burners. We have a diesel heater for the cabins since we come from a cold country and a hot water tank.

Raymarine has been chosen for the instruments and we have radar, AIS send and receive, wind depth, speed and all other things that makes the sailing easier. We have an autopilot which of course will be disconnected for the TP.

The engine on board is a Craftsman, 4 sylinders, 42 HP. The propeller is a Gori Racing 2 bladed. We have fitted on one extra alternator to charge the Lithium batteries quickly. When cruising the long distances we also charge with a Watt & Sea hydrogenerator.

Apart from that there is berths for 5 on board, and a warm wooden interior which makes the cruising nice.

Cubaneren has mostly been used as a cruiser but now and then she has joined some shorthanded races too. In 2011 Karl Otto and his father won the biggest double handed race on the west coast of Norway; Seilmakeren Double handed. In 2012 They won the biggest double handed race in Norway; Two Star. In 2015 Karl Otto and Maren won the Norwegian championship for double handed sailing. In 2016 we have cruised from Norway, via the European coast, to the Acores and Canaries. The crossing of the Atlantic was made with the ARC which lands on St. Lucia. From there we went to Bonaire and Curacao before we went through the Panama Canal and continued north and west on the pacific coast of Central America and Mexico.