Last preperations – Long Beach

Av Cubaneren

02.07.13 – Shoreline Yacht Club

The start is only one good night sleep away and we are very excited about that.

Eirik and Thomas came here 5 days ago and we have all been working with small things on the boat, tuning up computers and electronics and so on. We have had one day of sailing too, we did the man over board drill with clumsy Eirik falling off the foredeck, and it turned out well. After that we went through all the sails and now everyone knows what lines are going to each sail etc. The safety check was completed in the morning today, which was the last thing to check off before we were signed ready to go.

It has also been really busy evenings with send off parties and so many nice people to have a drink together with. Our host Jane Malbon has been fantastic with us, as also her Yacht Club – Shoreline! We are so grateful about how you have taken us under your wings and helped out with everything.