Transpac – The Crew

For the Transpac race our team will be beefed up with two sailors and friends from Norway. We will in other words as far as we know be the first all Norwegian boat to do the Transpac. We also believe this is the first time a boat with Norwegian flag is joining this race. The two new crewmembers are in no way new for us as we have been sailing together on White Shadow, a Landmark 43 (Mills design) for the last 4 years, with victories in the Norwegian championship, two times bullet at Marstrand Big Boat race and 6th in the ORC worlds in 2016 as the best results. It will be great to sail together again!

Eirik Rosenberg will have his debut on the big ocean.

He started his serious sailing carrear on keelboats and is an organizer and is usually on top of all situations. On board he is an allrounder (which in fact all of us have to be), but specialities will be driving, trim and responsibility for the media division on Board. Eirik is a long guy and actually made us rebuild the stern cabin before we left on our trip so that he could sleep stretched out!

Thomas Kjennerud has been a lot on the big ocean but in big grey motorized and armed ships.

He started his big boat sailing with the youth sailing project NORsteam, which was an initiative from our king Harald that donated his 51 feet IMS racer to give the younger and keen sailors an opportunity to sail and learn sailing on the best boats with the best! On board Cubaneren en route to Hawaii he will be a trimmer, as he also is on White Shadow. Most likely he will get his opportunities on the foredeck, in the mast and of course also on the helm.

Maren and Karl Otto are looking forward to get some crewmembers on board that can be chased around so that we can lean back and enjoy the downwind ride to the islands in the middle of the Pacific.